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Q: Who is wild rabbit tennis player?
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What are the predators of a wild rabbit?

one of the predators of a wild rabbit is a fox

What is a wild baby rabbit called?

A wild baby rabbit is called a kit.

Do wild rabbits and tame rabbits mate with each other?

Never let a wild rabbit and domestic rabbit breed, although if they got the chance then they would... I have had a rabbit die from meeting a wild rabbit... from me, rabbit breeder...

Can a wild rabbit survive in the wild after being rescued?

it would be very hard but not impossible. it depends on the amount of time the rabbit was out of the wild A baby wild rabbit taken into your home would not survive if re-released, but a wounded wild rabbit re-habilitated MAYT be all right.

Can you put a wild rabbit with a pet rabbit?

No. As fun as it may seem, putting a wild rabbit with a pet rabbit is a poor idea. Either the wild rabbit or the pet rabbit will very likely act aggressively toward the other and attack it, and even possibly kill it. Furthermore wild rabbits have the possibility of bring all sorts of diseases that your pet rabbit might not be able to handle.

How do you catch a wild rabbit?

Buy or buid a rabbit trap

What do you feed a wild baby rabbit?

If the rabbit is weened, then anything from the flower beds, the rabbit will choose to eat what it knows is safe.

How can you tell if your rabbit is a jackrabbit?

Unless you raised a wild rabbit, then your rabbit is not a jackrabbit. Jackrabbits are not domesticated: they're wild hares. All domestic rabbits are of the European Rabbit species.

The rabbit belongs to which kingdom?

The rabbit, wild or domesticated, belongs in the Animaliaor Animal Kingdom.The rabbit, wild or domesticated, belongs to the Animalia or Animal Kingdom.

What is a wild rabbit's personality like?

they are all different it depends on the rabbit u can get shy wild rabbits or aggressive

What was tennis player Billy Jean King's significance to the game of tennis?

She was a woman tennis player and she beat Bobby Riggs, a man tennis player.

If an animal scares a wild rabbit from its nest will the rabbit return?


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