Who is west hams captain?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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The captain at West Ham is Matthew Upson, he is a full back.

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Q: Who is west hams captain?
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What was west hams premiership prize money?

90 million

Who was west hams biggest signing up?

Gery neivel

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Who is west hams first team manager?

The manager of West Ham is the great Zinfranco Zola.

Who is west hams best player?

lionel messi and iniesta, iker casillas is at his medical.

What is West hams managers name?

The West Ham United managers full name is.... Gianfranco Zola. He was a legend for Chelsea F.C.

West Ham's United Captain?

Matthew Upson is captain of West Ham, and Scott Parker is Vice Captain

Did john terry play for west ham before chealsea?

Yes, he was part of west hams youth team before joining Chelsea at the age of 14

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No not at all

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Jarno Hams was born in 1974.

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