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William Web Ellis didnt actually get an idea for the game of Rugby . In 1823 when Ellis was in Rugby School Warwickshire England they player football there (soccer) . The rules were very few but it did allow the ball to be handled but the ball carrier had to run backward toward their own players to pass the ball. Ellis during one game decided that he would not follow this rule and when he picked up the ball ran FORWARD toward the opposing teams goals. This idea caught on in the school and as the students left they carried on handling the ball but then passed it backward to fellow players (as we see in today's game) When the game progressed throughout the universities the Rugby Students continues to use the ball carrying concept. Eventually the football Association decided that handling would not be allowed (as we see in soccer today) But those who liked this game decided not to join the Associated but to set up their own UNION this becamee The Rugby Football Union and remains so today.

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Q: Who is webb Ellis and why is he known in rugby?
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Who created rugby?

William Webb Ellis created rugby

Who invited rugby?

William Webb Ellis

When was rugby inventiad?

1823 in Rugby School, by William Webb-Ellis

In which country was rugby created?

In Rugby Boarding School, by William Webb Ellis. That is why the World Cup trophy is called the Webb Ellis Trophy

What is the full name of Rugby world cup?

The RWC is also known as the William Webb Ellis Trophy

What year did webb Ellis make rugby?


Who is said to have started rugby?

William Webb Ellis

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Scotland have never won the Rugby World Cup, so they have never won the Webb Ellis Cup.

What is the persons name who made rugby?

Willima Webb Ellis

Who made the rugby World Cup?

William Webb Ellis

Who was the first person to invent rugby?

britishWilliam Webb Ellis

Who found rugby?

Webb Ellis made up Rugby by picking up a football and kicking it over the cross bar. That is why the world cup trophy is called the webb Ellis cup.