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Away team

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Q: Who is up to bat first home or away team?
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Which team bat first in a softball game?

The away or visiting team comes up to bat first in a baseball game. The home team always bats in the bottom of the inning.

If you are playing a baseball game and you're the home team then do you bat first?

The away team bats first. this gives the home team the last chance to score.

What is going to happen in home and away?

The "home" team will go out in the field first but will bat last in the game. And "visitor" will bat first but will go out in the field last. So in my opinion its better to be home

Its the bottom of the nineth home team is wining 1-0 the away team is at bat they fill the bases the next at bat hits a home run my question is whats the final score 2-1 or 4-1?

First off, the home team should be batting if it is the bottom of the nineth. If the team at bat hits a "walk-off grand slam" the score is 4-1.

Who throws first pitch in every game?

The home team pitcher. The home team ALLWAYS HAS TO let the visiters bat first so they can score first. (Batting is the easyest way to score, like making a home run)

Can a home team leading after eight and a half innings elect to bat to set a record?

No. If the home team is leading after 8 1/2 innings, the game is over. There is no option available for the home team to bat.

Home or Visitor announced first?

In professional sports in the United States, the names of the visiting players are announced first. In Major League Baseball, the visiting team is also the first team to bat.

What sports allows for the visiting team to always play offense first?

In Baseball, the visiting team gets the first "at bat". The home team always gets to go last in order to give them the "home field advantage" of evening up the score.

In baseball how many outs are therein a inning?

3 outs per offensive at bat. 6 outs per inning since each team takes an offensive at bat. Unless it is the ninth or extra inning and the Home team is winning at the end of the Visiting team at bat. Then there is no need for a Home team at bat, Therefore there are only 3 outs in that inning.

What softball team supplies the pitcher?

Both. It depends on whether the home team is at bat or on the field. If the home team is on the field, they use their own pitcher.

Little league baseball 15 run mercy rule. With 1 out in the top of the 3rd the away team scores their 15th run do they keep batting or immediately allow the home team to bat or just game over?

They keep batting and the game is played as it normally is. After they make their third out, the home team will get to bat. After the home team makes its third out then it will be determined whether the game ends due to the Mercy Rule. If the home team is 15 or more runs behind the game ends. If the home team is less than 15 runs behind the game proceeds to the 4th inning.

Did the MLB player Miguel Cabrera hit a Home Run in his first MLB at bat?

No, he hit a walk off home run in his first major league game but it was not his first at-bat.