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Trish Stratus was a female professional wrestler. She is the 7 time WWE Women's Champion. She retired once in 2005 but really retired in 2007And her real name is Patricia Stratigius and she has a show called Stratusphere and she is now married and currently resides in Toronto, Canada and says she might consider comin back to WWE if they need a little more Stratusfaction, and only the best WWE Diva in all of history shes the best and we miss her and Lita..please come back!!!!!!!!!!She returned to raw dec 22 2008, coming out of retirement.She is now 32 years old and owns a yoga studio in toronto.She is so much better than Lita.Better style,fighting skills,personality.More beautiful and way smarter. Stratusfaction is from her last name,Stratus. Well not real last name. Her formula for succes is ''33% beauty,34% brains and 33%brawns''.trish is a great wrestler and the person above can you tell me is she bac on raw currently?

Trish stratus is a former professional wrestler she is a 7 time women's champion she retired September 17 2006 and made a special appearance with Lita at Raw's 15th anniversary in December of 2007 and a backstage segment in 2008 and then she came back to tag team with John Cena on December 22 2008 she is the Best women's wrestler of al time.She proved that she is more then just a pretty face shes a 3 time Babe of the year on She also won Diva of the Decade in 2003

Trish Stratus is a former WWE professional wrestler. She has a #1 fan. Her #1 fan is... Mickie James. Trish loves yoga. She is a 7 time women's champion. She retired September 17 2006.

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Q: Who is trish stratus?
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Trish Stratus was born on December 18, 1975.

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Trish Stratus was born on December 18, 1975.

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Trish Stratus was exclusive to WWE her entire career.

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