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Young Tom Morris won the British Open in 1868 at the age of 17.

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Q: Who is the youngest player to win a major golf tournament?
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Who is the youngest player to win a golf major?

Tiger woods

Who was the youngest person to play in the PGA golf tournament?

Ty tryon was the youngest player at 17 years old.

What is Tiger Woods the youngest golfer to do what?

the 1997 master's golf tournament

Who was the oldest player to win the masters?

Jack Nicklaus won the Masters in 1986 at the age of 46 and remains the oldest player to win the tournament. It was also Nicklaus' last of 18 major golf tournament championships.

Only major league baseball player in the World Series and the Masters?

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a Major League baseball player, past or present, that has participated in the Masters Golf tournament.

In masters golf tournament how much paid to each player?

in the master's tournament how much is paid to each player?

Who is the youngest golf tournament champion in the world?

Morgan Pressel was 18 years, 10 months, 9 days old when she won her first tournament in 2007.

What is a major golf tournament?

A major Golf Championship is simply a very prestigious golf Tournament which has been classed as a major. On the male tour there are 4, they are The US Masters, US Open, The Open and USPGA Championship. They are known for their tough conditions and are designed to be the truest test of golf. Nowadays the amount of major championships a player has won seems to be the gauge against which their career is measured. Currently Jack Nicklaus has won the most wit 18 and Tiger Woods is chasing him down with 14.

What major tournament featured the very first color television coverage of a golf tournament?

The Masters in 1966

What is the major golf event held in Augusta?

The Masters Tournament

What is the age of the youngest golf player nowadays?


Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1978?

Gary Player.

Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1974?

Gary Player.

Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1961?

Gary Player.

Who is the youngest winner of the masters golf tournament?

Tiger Woods, was 21 years 104 days when he won it in 1997.

Who is the best golf player in the world?

Who ever has won the last tournament

Who is the first Asian-American to win a major golf tournament?

Tiger Woods

What major gold tournaments has Fred Couples won?

Fred Couples, as of the end of the 2012 PGA season, has won 1 major golf tournament. That tournament was The Masters in 1992. He also won The Player's Championship in 1996, which isn't one of the 4 major tournaments (The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and the PGA Championship), but is sometimes called the "fifth major".

Who was the first player to play in in first masters golf tournament?

Sam Snead

In golf tournament play can a player practice putting after he has holed out during play?


Is the winner of a golf tournament leading after round three?

The winner of a golf tournament is the player at the top of the leader board after four rounds. But, often the player at the top of the leader board after three rounds does go on to win it, however sometimes there are dramatic meltdowns.

Was Tiger Woods the first black to play golf?

He was no the first, but the first to win a major tournament.

How do you get prepared for a golf tournament?

To become prepared for a golf tournament, practice golfing.

Who was the first non American to win the Masters Golf Tournament?

Gary Player in 1961

What is the oldest golf tournament played today?

The oldest major golf championship is The Open Championship which was first played on the 17th October 1860, and is the only major championship played outside of the USA.