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Bucky Harris of the Washington Senators was 27 years old when he guided his team to victory in the 1924 World Series.

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Q: Who is the youngest manager to win a World Series?
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Who is the first St. Louis Cardinals manager to win world series?

Rogers Hornsby was manager in 1926, their first World Series win.

Who is the youngest rookie to win a world series ring?

David freese

Who is the youngest player to ever win world Series MVP?

Bret Saberhagen

Which baseball team was youngest franchise to win a World Series?

Florida Marlins

Did billy beane ever win a world series as general manager?


Who was the first African American manager to win world series?


Who was the youngest manager in MLB history?

Youngest Manager..Lou Boudreau. Took over as manager of the Cleveland Indians in 1942 at the age of 24. Boudreau would serve as player/manager of the Indians for nine seasons, guiding them to a World Series title in 1948. Bucky Harris was 27, when he was chosen to be the manager of the Washington Senators, on February 10, 1924. The Senators would go on to win the World Series making Harris the youngest manager to win a World Series. Boudreau was 30 when he guided Cleveland to the Title.Both men have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of fame.Roger Peckinpaugh was 23 when he was named interim manager of the New York Yankees in 1914. He managed the final 20 games of the season and had a record of 10-10. Interestingly, Peckinpaugh was Harris' shortstop on the 1924 Senators that won the World Series over the New York Giants.

Who is the Youngest manager to win a league title?

Stuart Pearson

Who was the other manager of the Phillies to win a World Series?

The manager of the Phillies during their 1980 World Series victory over the Kansas City Royals was Dallas Green.

Who is the first manager born outside the US to win the World Series?

Ozzie Guillen

Who was the New York Yankees manager during their last World Series win?

Joe Girardi

First black manager to win the World Series?

Cito Gaston of the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays.

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