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Joe Girardi

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Q: Who is the youngest manager in the Major Leagues?
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Who was the youngest player manager in the minor leagues?

Brad Fischer for the Oakland Athletics

Who is the youngest current manager in baseball?

In 2014, the youngest manager in Major League Baseball was Mike Matheny. He is not the youngest however. He is the 14th youngest ever.

Is Alex Rodriguez the youngest person to make to the major leagues?

No. Joe Nuxhall pitched for the Reds when he was 15.

Which current major league baseball manager has the highest winning percentage and never played in the major leagues?


Who was the youngest Cincinnati Reds manager?

His first role as a general manager was with the Cincinnati Reds at age 31 in 1992. When he took this position, he was the youngest general manager in the history of Major League Baseball. He continued with the Reds until being fired in 2003.

What are new people in major leagues called?

New people in major leagues are called "rookies."

When was Major Leagues - EP - created?

Major Leagues - EP - was created on 1999-10-12.

Which manager in premier leagues has the most manager of the month?

Alex Ferguson on about 26 times

Can a baseball manager elect to take a strike?

Not in MLB. Other leagues such as youth leagues or co-rec leagues may have different rules.

Who is the youngest Major League Baseball general manager?

I believe its Freddi Gonzales of the Florida Marlins. Im almost positive it it him

How do you get from the minor leagues to the major leagues?

You can be a candidate if you win in the minor league.

Which manager has won the most champions leagues?

Bob Paisley

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