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Q: Who is the youngest franchise in MLB?
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Does MLB 2001 has franchise mode?

Yes it does.

Is their franchise mode in MLB 2k10 Wii?


Who is youngest MLB team?

KC royals

Can you create a franchise with your card team in MLB 2K9?

Yeah, no.

Who is the youngest MLB catcher to catch a no hitter?


What team was the youngest franchise to win a Super Bowl?

Baltimore Ravens

How do you play a franchise with created team in MLB 2k10?

You cant sorry

Which franchise makes more mlb or the NFL?

NFL by long shot!

Who is the youngest MLB player?

joe nuxhall cincy reds

Who was the youngest MLB player to win MVP?

Barry bonds

What is the youngest NFL franchise?

The Houston Texans - they first played in the league in 2002.

Which baseball team was youngest franchise to win a World Series?

Florida Marlins

Which MLB franchise in best known for choking?

Boston Red Sox in August

What game modes does MLB 2k9 have?

franchise, home run derby,postseason, practice

Is money important in MLB 10 the show franchise mode?

Yes very important

What is sport city?

a city or metropolitan area with a professional sports franchise. for example, denver would be a sport city because it has a mlb franchise (the Colorado rockies) a nfl franchise (denver broncos) a nhl franchise (Colorado avalanche) and a nba franchise (denver nuggets.

Who was the youngest player to appear on the field in MLB's modern era?

mickey mantle

Who was the youngest MLB player to hit 400 home runs?

Alex Rodriguez

Who is the youngest player in MLB in 2008?

Clayton Kershaw on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Who is the youngest player to hit a grand slam in MLB history?

Mike trout

Who is the youngest player in MLB to win an mvp in baseball ever?

Chuck Norris

Who is the youngest MLB player to hit 600 home runs?

Alex Rodrigez

Which team has the most wins in MLB history?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Giants have the most franchise wins with 10,184. The Cubs are second with 9,985 franchise wins.

This MLB franchise played the first game of the season at home 1882 through 2008?


Is Jim edmonds in MLB 2k10?

yes but you have to sign him out of the free agent pool in franchise mode.