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Q: Who is the youngest footballer in the Brazil team right now?
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For which country Pele the famous footballer play?

Pele played for Brazil. In his first game he became the youngest player to ever score for Brazil (and any other international team at the time) and when he retired he had earned 92 apps and scored a total of 77 goals.

Who is the footballer Kakรก?

Kaká is a footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Brazilian National team. and also one of the best mid.fielders in the world..assist leader in ac milan and Brazil !

Who is the youngest soccer player to play for his national team?

Pele. he was 16 when he first played for Brazil in the international cup.

Why is kaka is famous?

kaka is good looking, cute and plays is the best footballer team Brazil and he play's fantastic football this are the reasons that kaka is famous

The footballer Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite is popularly known as?

He is commonly known as Kaká who is currently playing for the Brazil National Football Team.

Who is the first youngest team in nfl in 2011?

The New England Patriots are the youngest team.

For which team does Ronaldinho play?

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, commonly known as Ronaldinho or Ronaldinho Gaúcho, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Italian Serie A side A.C. Milan and the Brazil national team.

Who is the youngest team in the nfl in 2010?

Packers, Patriots are the youngest

Who is the Youngest Team NHL?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the youngest team in the NHL but the St.Louis Blues are the best. :-)

Who was the youngest captain for Pakistan cricket team?

Salman Butt is the youngest captain for the Pakistan cricket team.

Who is the best footballer in Spain team?


What is a group of footballer called?

A football team.

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