Who is the youngest football referee?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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is Martin Milkovski(USA)aged 10 years and 358 days

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Q: Who is the youngest football referee?
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What do you call a person in charge of a football game?

A referee usually controls a football match

When was Philip Sharp - football referee - born?

Philip Sharp - football referee - was born in 1964.

When was Jesús Díaz - football referee - born?

Jesús Díaz - football referee - was born in 1954.

Is there any refree in football team?

Football has a referee.

Who is the worst referee on earth?

Matthew Breeze -- A-League Football referee in Australia

What does a referee need to know in order to be able to referee a football game?

the rules

What is the football game official?


What is the name of a official in football?

The referee

Is the referee's call final?

Yes, in football, the referee has the authority to make the final call.

Is there any football referee game?

Referees must take an exam. The exams do have questions on them.

What rhymes with football referee?

footfall jamboree

What is the main official in football called?

A referee.