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Q: Who is the worst major league baseball player ever?
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Who is the worst player in Major League Baseball?

Nobody, because they would not be in the majors and the mlb is the highest then minor, aaa, aa, a

Who is the worst manager in the Major League Baseball?

Eric Wedge for the Cleveland Indians

What is the worst Major League Baseball record?

the Cleveland spiders went 20-134

Who is the worst pitcher in Major League Baseball?

Easily Kenshin Kawakami or Daiskue Matsuzaka

What is the worst record a major league baseball team has had when it hosted the all-star Game?


Who was the worst player in Major League Baseball ever?

albert pujols No Actually its this guy on Tampa he sucks 0 average 0 hits 0 homeruns thanks :)

What is the worst Major League Baseball team?

depends on the year but over the course of the last 10 years the Pittsburgh Pirates

What major league baseball team holds the record for worst season record?

Cleveland Spiders has the worst season record, having 20 wins and 134 losses

Who is the worst player in the a-league?

The newcastle jets James Brown is the worst by far

What is the worst score in Major League Baseball history?

August 22, 2007 the Texas Rangers 30 Baltimore Orioles 3

Who was the worst Major League Baseball team in 2009?

Well that is pretty complicated but when you look at the roster the Orioles weren't very productive. But worst team overall was probably the Nationals.

What is the worst Major League Baseball record to make the Major League Baseball playoffs?

82-80 by the 2005 San Diego Padres who won the NL West Division. They lost in the NLDS to the St. Louis Cardinals 3 games to 0.

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