Who is the worst football club?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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barcelona is the best soccer team in the world then Germany then real madrid then

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AFC Aldermaston in Berkshire, England. They have lost 40 games in a row which is a national record in 2010.

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its Liverpool!i hate them!im a man utd fan!by shaun keegan lucan co.dublin Ireland age,9

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Q: Who is the worst football club?
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Who football club in England with a small reputation?

Madron fc, the worst football team in england

Are tottenham the worst team football in the world?

Obvoiusly not. They wouldn't be in the premier league if they are the worst club in the world. :)

Which football team has the worst hooligans?

Milwall , Cardiff City , Swansea City ,Witham Town Football Club and TOTTENHAm

What football is the worst?

American Football Is The Worst

Is Manchester United FC the best football club in the world?

No they are the worst in the worlds tell you what support Chelsea they are much better

What is name of Chelsea football club?

Chelsea Football Club is called Chelsea Football club.

Where are Tottenham Hotspur in the list of the oldest clubs in the football league?

Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882.Below is a list of the oldest teams Association Football in the United Kingdom;Sheffield Football Club - Founded : 1857Cambridge University Football Club - Founded : 1858 / 1859Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1859Cray Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1860Hallam Football Club - Founded : 1860Worksop Town Football Club - Founded : 1861Nottingham Football Club ( Later known as Notts County ) - Founded : 1862Bradford Football Club ( Later known as Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. ) - Founded : 1863Royal Engineers Football Club - Founded : 1863Chesterfield Football Club - Founded : 1863Stoke Ramblers Football Club ( Later known as Stoke City ) - Founded : 1863Civil Service Football Club - Founded : 1863Wrexham Football Club - Founded : 1864Brigg Town Football Club - Founded : 1864Nottingham Forest Football Club - Founded : 1865Queens Park Football Club - Founded : 1867Sheffield Wednesday Football Club - Founded : 1867Fordingbridge Turks Football Club - Founded : 1868Kilmarnock Football Club - Founded : 1869Darwen Football Club - Founded : 1870Marlow Football Club - Founded : 1870Reading Football Club - Founded : 1871Rangers Football Club - Founded : 1872The list does go on and on, therefore Tottenham Hotspur would be around the 40th - 45th oldest team in the United Kingdom.

What is the most popular football club in Vietnam?

Viettel Football Club is the most popular football club in Vietnam.

The worst football team?

Celtic football

What football team is the worst in the football team in the world cup?

come on this aint football this is succer the worst sport in history

How do you say football club in french?

"club de football"

Which football club has the largest football club?

fc Barcelona