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Christiano Ronaldo Many are also rating Argentinia's young Lionel Messi now, as well. Most fans often only think of the front half of the soccer pitch when considering this current "Best" question. When evaluating variables that make a great footballer, such as the ability to do ALL things on the field for a team (BOTH Offense AND Defensive support especially) not many currently succeed game in, and game out like Ghana and Chelsea's Michael Essien - a true Complete Footballer.

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Q: Who is the worlds current best soccer player in the world?
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The best soccer player is the world is currently Lionel Messi.

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Maradona is the best soccer player in the world

Is Cristiano Ronaldo good-?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good soccer player. Going by his current form, he is the best soccer player in the world.

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the best soccer player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo

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A large majority of fans, players, managers and pundits are coming to the agreement that Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona is currently the world's greatest football player.

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Soccer is the most played game in the world.

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The world's best soccer player nowaday is Lionel Messi because he won a world cup unlike Cristiano Ronaldo

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The worst soccer player is Lionel Messi

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lionel messi

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The winner of the world cup is then confirmed as the worlds best football team in the world.