Who is the worlds best rugby team?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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people have diffrent opions about this, but South Africa won the worl cup in 2007 with England coming second!

Facts shown by the IRB ( International Rugby Board) the All Blacks sits at the top of the rugby world at the moment(2010)

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Statistically its The New Zealand All Blacks who are ranked at number one in the IRB rankings

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Q: Who is the worlds best rugby team?
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Rugby best team?

The worlds best rugby team is headingley hawks from leeds who have not lost a game for 6 years and there star man ross hammill has a average score of 10 points per match

Worlds best rugby player?

Victor Matfield of South Africa

What is the worlds best rugby team?

I suppose in the Union code we have to say the All Blacks but it is close between these, South Africa and Australia. From the IRB rankings then THE best team is New Zealand who rank before the RWC at number 1

What has New Zealand achieved in rugby?

New Zealand won the very first world cup in 1987. They have won the Tri-Nations Cup the most times out of anyone (10 or 11 times) and have been anounced by the International Rugby Board as the worlds best rugby team.

Worlds best goalkeeper?

Fabianski arsenal the worlds best football team ever

How successful is the Scotland rugby team?

The measure of a rugby team is their performance in the World Cup. The national rugby team of Scotland has appeared in this tournament four times. Their best result was fourth place.

What is the best rugby team of all time?


Who is the best England rugby team?

wigan warriors

What team is the best at playing super rugby?


Who is the best rugby team in Cornwall?

cornish pirates

Is arsenal the best team in the worlds?

Because they aren't the best team, not by a long shot.

Who is the worlds best team?

It is Wolverhampton Wanderers!