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Q: Who is the worlds best football dribller?
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Why is messi goals good?

Messi is best scorer and dribller but cristano is only best goal scorer.

Worlds best goalkeeper?

Fabianski arsenal the worlds best football team ever

Who is the worlds best player at football?

lionel messi

Who are the worlds best goal scorers in football?

daei - Iran

What is the worlds best sport?

the worlds best sport is football or as Americans call it socer every part in the world plays socer.

Who is the worlds best football player?

I think it's Christiano Ronaldo

WHO was the first worlds best football player?

ther is Diego maredona Pele but the best is Lionel Andres messi

Did c.ronaldo love football when he was young?

yes cause he did that why hes the one of the worlds best footballers

Who is the worlds gereatest football player?

the worlds greatest football player is sidarth of prakriya class 8.

Who is the worlds best attacking player in football?

Lionel Messi is. He plays for FCBarcelona and Argentina National team.

Did Bo Jackson change American history?

yes he was the worlds best football player that played at Auburn University

What does it means when you win the soccer World Cup?

The winner of the world cup is then confirmed as the worlds best football team in the world.