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It was Pete "Pistol Pete Maravich

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Q: Who is the worlds best basketball ball handler?
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Which player is usually the best ball-handler on the court?

The point guard is usually the best ball-handler.

How do you control the ball in basketball?

the best way to control the ball is by dribbling low and dribbling with your fingertips, never the palms of your hand. It takes a lot of practice to become a great ball handler.

Is Allen Iverson the best ball handler in the nba?


The worlds best most resent basketball player?

Michael Jordan is considered the worlds best basketball player. He won 6 championships.

What position does the best ball handler has?

point guard-shooting guard

Who is the best ball handler in the NBA?

Jason Williams AKA White Chocolate

What is the country that is the known as the worlds best basketball team?


Why are the positions in basketball called what they are called?

Point Guard- Usually the top of the key, the best ball handler and passer Shooting Guard- Like a point guard on defense, good ball handler and best shooter Small Forward- Like a Shooting Guard on offense and a Power Forward on defense Power Forward- Big guy, gets rebounds underneath, pretty effective scorer Center- Biggest guy, best rebounder

Who is the worlds most best basketball player in history?

michael jordan

Who is the the worlds best basketball player ever in history?

for me it is Michael Jordan.

Why is Pete Maravich known as Pistol?

Learning basketball from his Serbian immigrant father, Petar Maravich, who became a coach, Pete Maravich, is widely considered the best ball handler of all time. He gained his nickname from his style of shooting the ball from his side, as if he were shooting a revolver.

Who was the worlds best basketball player?

Michael Jordan or kareem Abdul jabbar