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Unfortunately probably the Yankees

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Q: Who is the world series winner in 2018?
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Can two AL teams play in the World Series?

No. World Series is the winner of the ALCS vs winner of the NLCS.

Who will win the 2018 World Series?

Toronto Blue Jays

Who win in the world series in baseball?

The American League pennant winner, plays the National League pennant winner, in a 7 game series. The team to win 4 games first wins the World Series.

Winner of the 2008 World Series?

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2008 World Series.

The winner of the World Series in 1989?

The Oakland Athletics beat the San Fansisco Giants in the 1989 World Series.

Who is the winner of the 2010 world series?

san francisco giants

Who is the second highest winner of the World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinal have the second most World Series titles with 10.

What sport is called the World Series?

The " World Series" itself is not a sport. It is the championship 7 game series played between two major league baseball teams each year in october. The winner of the American League and the winner of the National League play in a "best-of-seven" series hence the name "World Series"

Who was the major leaguebaseball World Series winner in 1990?

Cincinnati Reds

Where does the world series start and why?

home of the all star game winner

How much did the winner of the 2013 World Series get?

According to MLB, $307,322.68

Who won the 2018 world series?

We can't tell you until next year, or it will spoil the surprise. The series has not been played yet.