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In 2009 The Champion was Steven Purugganan

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In the USA, the world record champion in sport stacking is William Orrell. He has set multiple world records in sport stacking competitions.

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Q: Who is the world record champion in sport stacking in USA?
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How do you get in the world sport stacking asoutiations?

is asoutiation supposed to be association? you don't get into the wssa, it is an organization devoted to standardizing sport stacking world wide.

Who was the founder of speed stacking?

Speed Stacking Inc. was founded by Bob Fox. He did not invent 'cup stacking', but he did take it to the next level and beyond by creating his own company and standardizing sport stacking world-wide. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

What is the world record for the number of cups stacked?

The records in sport stacking are on time rather than amount. Current offical world records can be found at

Who has the world's fastest reflexes?

Steven Purugganan for speed stacking in sport stacking

Where can you buy speed stacks? is the leader in sport stacking and the offical cups of the wssa (world sport stacking association) these are the only cups that can be used in wssa competitions in which offical records are set. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

Where can you find sport stacking cups?

The sport for stacking cups is called Sport Stacking. This sport is said to begin in 1990 on The Tonight Show. The earliest competition was held in 1998 in Oceanside, California. The governing body of the sport is known as the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).

How can you see the sport stacking championship?

If you are referring to the World Sport Stacking Championships held every year in Denver, Colorado, then the answer would be that it was broad casted on ESPN in 2007, but since then has not. There are many sport stacking tournaments happening all around the world. Go to for more info.

Who holds the sport stacking records?

The sport stacking records are held by various individuals and can vary depending on the specific event or category. However, individuals such as William Orrell and Emily Fox have set numerous world records in sport stacking.

What is the world record for cup-stacking 6 cup?

If you are referring to the 6 stack in which there are 3 cups on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and 1 on top, then there is no offical wssa (world sport stacking association) record for that as it is not an offical event. The offical events are 3-3-3, 3-6-3, cycle, doubles, and team. The current records can be found at

What sport was Mark Richards a four time world champion?

Mark Richards is a four-time world champion in the sport of surfing.

Which sport was Heather McKay a world champion?

Heather McKay was a world champion squashplayer.

Hayley Lewis was a champion in which sport?

Hailey Lewis is a world champion at swimming.