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Leo Messi

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Q: Who is the world highest pay player now?
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Who is the highest paid player in Chelsea pay week?

The highest paid right now is Rodel Mamale.

Ten highest pay player in English premiership?

who was the highest pay player in premiership

Who is the highest pay soccer player?

currently christiano ronaldo is the highest payed player, it use to be zinedine zidane

Which soccer player receive the highest pay per week?

I think Cristiano Ronaldo receives the highest pay per week.

Which job has highest pay job in the world?

no one in this world knows this

Who is the highest pay player at Orlando pirates fc?

Benny macathy

Who is the highest paid player at real Madrid football club?

At Real Madrid it is Christiano Ronaldo who gets the highest pay.

What sports get the hightest pay in the world?

baseball is the highest paying sport

Who is the female basketball player with the highest pay?

Lisa lesile who is like 6"5

What does a piano bar player make?

$20,000 - $150,000 a year depending on country and popularity. Highest base pay in Scandinavia, highest tips US and carribean

Who is the highest paid football player in August 2009?

It was Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, who pay him a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds.

How much can a NFL player make?

There's no limit to what an NFL team can pay a player, but the highest paid players are near twenty million per year.