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lee chong wei

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Q: Who is the words best badminton player?
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Who is the best badminton player?


Who is the second best badminton player?

Lloyd escoses

Who are the best men double badminton player?

Markis kido

Best badminton player of India?

Shaheem Radiasha from Delhi

Who is the best Male Badminton Player of India?

Prakash Padukone

Which is the best female badminton player in India?

saina nehwal

Who is the India's best woman badminton player?

Saina Nehwal

Who are the best badminton player in Philippines?

the answer is cmille patron

Who is the world's best badminton male player?

mr bean have you not heard

Who is a better badminton player Park Joo Bong or Rexy Mainaky?

Answerpark joo bong but the absolute best is Lin Dan from China. Lin Dan is ranked the world's best men's singles badminton player

Should badminton player play tennis?

No. Even though Badminton and Tennis have similar components, they require completely different strengths and tactics.

What is the meaning of seed in badminton?

A seed in badminton means a badminton player .