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Ricky Nolasco -- still with the Marlins -- has won 76 games as a pitcher for that team.

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Q: Who is the winningest pitcher in the History of the Florida Marlins Major league baseball team?
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What is the home city of the baseball team the Florida Marlins?

The Florida Marlins are a Miami, Florida based baseball team.

The Florida Marlins take part in what sport?

The Florida Marlins take place in baseball. They are a major league baseball team. The Florida Marlins are based in Miami, Florida, but represent the whole state of Florida.

What has the author Bo Smolka written?

Bo Smolka has written: 'Miami Marlins' -- subject(s): Florida Marlins (Baseball team), Miami Marlins (Baseball team), Juvenile literature, History

What is the name of Florida Marlins Baseball park?

The Florida Marlins baseball park is named Sun Life Stadium. It is located in Miami, Florida.

What is the mascot for the Florida Marlins baseball team?

a marlin

What is the history of the Florida Marlins?

Major League Baseball decided to add to new teams to the National League in 1985. In 1991 renovations began to transform Joe Robbie Stadium into a baseball stadium. On April 5, 1993, they had their first official game, against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Click on the 'Florida Marlins' link on this page to read about the history of the Marlins.

What is the baseball home team for Florida?

Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays

What is the value of a hat signed by the 1997 Florida Marlins?

A baseball hat signed by the 1997 Florida Marlins is valued close to $150. The Marlins were in the World Series in 1997.

Who made the first error in Florida Marlins history?

alex ganzales

What are the major league baseball teams based in Florida?


What is miami's Major League Baseball team?

The Florida Marlins

What is the history ok marlins model 81?

if you mean the miami marlins its a baseball team

What baseball team won the 1997 World series?

The Florida marlins

What are the two major league baseball teams in Florida?

marlins and rays

What Major League Baseball team plays for Florida?

There are two MLB teams located in the state of Florida ... the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays.AnswerTampa bay devil rays al Florida marlins nl

Who are major athletes in the Florida marlins?

what are the major athletes on the florida marlins

Who has the longest hitting streak in Florida Marlins history?

35 by Luis Castillo in 2002

What is the baseball team for Florida?

There are two Florida teams in major league baseball: The Florida Marlins of the National League and the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League.

Which baseball teams that start with M?

* Florida Marlins * New York Mets

Which team has the most amount of rainouts in major league baseball?

Florida marlins

Which baseball team was youngest franchise to win a World Series?

Florida Marlins

Who won the Major League championship Baseball game in 2003?

Florida Marlins

Where did the Florida Marlins start?

The Florida Marlins were established in 1993 and were always based in Miami, Florida.

Why doesn't Miami have a baseball team?

Miami didn't have a baseball team before the 2012 Major League Baseball season however the Florida Marlins had moved to Miami as a result of the city of Miami building them a new stadium to play in which resulted in the Florida Marlins being renamed the Miami Marlins.

What league do the Florida Marlins play in?

The Florida Marlins play in the National League