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Q: Who is the winningest college football team without a national title?
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What division 1 NCAA football team is the most winning team in history?

Coming into the 2008 season, that would be Michigan with 872 victories. <-- Updated ---- it would be WVU they are the winningest team in college football but have never won a national championship. ________________________________________________________________________ WVU is only the most winning school without a National Championship, they are not the most winning school all-time.

Who has the most college football all time wins without a national championship?

west Virginia

What school in division I FBS college football has the oldest program without a national title?

Wake Forest

What college football team has the most all time wins without winning a national championship?

West Virginia

Can you be in the NFL without playing college football?

i think college football is the stepping stone to NFL..

What are the best rivals in college football?

Without a doubt, the best rivalry in college football is Ohio state and Michigan.

Can you play in college football without a scholarship?

Yes you can get on a college football team as a walk on through an open try out

Can you coach college football without a degree?

Hell no

Can you play college football without living on its campus?


Can a college football player go pro after college without going into the draft?

they can walk on

Can you become a pro football player without going to college?

if im really good at football can i become a pro football player

Can you be a football player without going to college?

I am assuming you are asking if you can be a professional football player without going to college. The answer is yes. You would contact the team for which you are interested in trying to play. The odds of getting a tryout without an agent to represent you and no resume of football experience are very, very bad.

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