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Woody Hayes had 173 wins at OSU according to Wikipedia.

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Q: Who is the winningest coach in Ohio State history?
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Who is the winningest active coach by percentage with at least 5 years as a DIV 1 coach?

Answer1. Bobby Bowden, Florida State .757 2. Joe Paterno, Penn State .7513. Jim Tressel, Ohio State .7414. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina .738

When did joe paterno become the most winningest coach in NCAA history?

Joe Paterno passed Bear Bryant to Became in College Football History with a 29-27 win over Ohio State on October 27, 2001 at Penn State. Joe Paterno died in Janauary 2012.

Is Ohio State better than Michigan at football?

Yes Yes While Michigan is the winningest football school in NCAA history, Ohio State since 1951 has taken over the spot as the nation's most winning team.

What is Ohio states football coach?

The head coach of Ohio STate is Urban Meyer.

Who was coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team not football?

Ohio State's current basketball coach is Thad Matta.

Who was coach Ohio state 1968?

Woody Hayes

Who is coach for the Ohio state team?

Urban Meyer

Who was the coach when Ohio State won its first National Title?

The coach was Paul Brown.

What school was bo schembechler assistant coach for?

Ohio State

Who is Ohio State's running backs coach?

Dick Tressel

Who was the Ohio State coach in 1974?

Ryan vanbrookenhiém 2nd

Who is the best coach?

The best coach ever is Bo Schembeckeler from the univedrsity of Michigan and Ohio state university.