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Q: Who is the winner of spesvila?
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Which is correct grammatically The winner was her or The winner was she?

I think it would be the winner was she

What are the last six countrys to win eurovision song contest?

Winner 2011 = Azerbaijan Winner 2010 = Germany Winner 2009 = Norway Winner 2008 = Russia Winner 2007 = Serbia Winner 2006 = Finland

Who are all of the America's Biggest Losers Winners?

Season 1 Winner: Ryan BensonSeason 1 At-Home Winner: Dave FioravantiSeason 2 Winner: Matt HooverSeason 2 At-Home Winner: Pete ThomasSeason 3 Winner: Erik ChopinSeason 3 At-Home Winner: Brian StarkeySeason 4 Winner: Bill GermanakosSeason 4 At-Home Winner: Jim GermanakosSeason 5 Winner: Ali VincentSeason 5 At-Home Winner: Bernie SalazarSeason 6 Winner: Michelle AguilarSeason 6 At-Home Winner: Heba SalamaSeason 7 Winner: Helen PhillipsSeason 7 At-Home Winner: Jerry HayesSeason 8 Winner: Danny CahillSeason 8 At-Home Winner: Rebecca MeyerSeason 9 Winner: Michael VentrellaSeason 9 At-Home Winner: Koli PaluSeason 10 Winner: Patrick HouseSeason 10 At-Home Winner: Mark PinkhasovichSeason 11 of The Biggest Loser premieres January 4, 2011!Read more:

How do you use the word winner in a sentence?

That bob-tailed nag was no winner. The tortoise is the winner!

Is cris the winner in whodunnit?

No, Cris was not the winner in "Whodunnit?" She was revealed to be the Killer and Kam was the Winner.

What is a winner?

A winner is a victor in a contest or game. Example: sexytrucks is a winner in the game of life.

What is the birth name of Bea Winner?

Bea Winner's birth name is Beatrice Winner.

Who is the lottery winner in the lottery story?

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Who was the winner in the Iditarod?

The winner was Doug Swingly.

When was The Winner in Me created?

The Winner in Me was created in 2008.

When was Winner in You created?

Winner in You was created in 1984.

What is a real winner?

A winner is a victor in a contest or game. Example: sexytrucks is a winner in the game of life.