Who is the whiniest NHL fans?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Philadelphia Flyers. And it's not even close.

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Q: Who is the whiniest NHL fans?
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How many NHL fans are there in the world?

221.846.921 people

Who has the loudest fans in the NHL?

It is a fact that the Carolina Hurricanes are the loudest.

What NHL hockey team got in a fight with fans?

The Toronto maple leafs

Are home and away fans separated in NHL games?

no they are seated according to what their ticket says.

Who is the favorite NHL player among female fans?

in chicago, I'd say for sure Patrick Sharp

How are NHL all stars chosen?

The players selected to the NHL All Star are voted in by fans. You could vote online for your favourite players and the ones with the most votes get to participate in the game.

What makes a NHL team?

money, good players, good coach. good gm and of course awesome fans

Who has a largest fan base in the NHL?

Montreal Canadien's they are the most poplular team because they have most humungus fans in the world!

Who will be on the cover of NHL 13?

This has yet to be announced. Although for the first time EA Sports is allowing the fans to choose the cover. On the link below, you can find the EA NHL 13 Cover Voting or just 'Google' NHL 13 Cover Vote and it should come up.

What service does Bruin OnLine have to offer?

The service that Bruin OnLine has to offer is that they bring NHL fans live hockey games for free on their website. If a person logs on, registers for free, they can watch NHL games for free.

Does Delaware have an NHL team?

....I'm thinking the Capitals....'cuz they're closest....or maybe Montreal. Could be Islanders fans, too....

Why do red wing fans throw squids?

a fish market owner threw an octopus on the when the nhl had an 8 game playoff rounds