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Summer Camp 1960: Peter Pisani

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Q: Who is the water boy for the packers?
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What body of water do the Green Bay Packers play near?

Lake Michigan

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Who wore jersey number 5 on the New York Giants?

The best known #5 for the Green Bay Packers was Paul Hornung, "The Golden Boy". Hornung was drafted by the Packers out of Notre Dame in 1957 and is best remembered as an explosive running back--but he was also a placekicker with the Packers. He was a key part of most of the Vince Lombardi-coached Packer teams and is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Swellable Packers Market

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What is the job of a water boy in sporting?

A water boy in sport is usually a person whose job is to provide water and other refreshments to the competing athletes. Interestingly the previous President of America, Herbert Hoover, was a water boy.

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