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Brett Favre is THE toughest quarterback ever. He is also the BEST quarterback ever.

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Q: Who is the toughest quarterback of all time in the NFL?
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Who is the richest NFL quarterback of all time?

Roger Staubach

Who is the toughest running back to tackle in NFL all time history?

Barry Sanders

Which NFL quarterback was sacked the least of all time?

Michael Vick

Who is the quarterback with the all time passing record in the NFL?

Brett Favre

What is the best NFL quarterback of all time?

Tom Brady easily.

Who are the all time NFL quarterback rushing touchdown leaders?

John Elway was the most versitle and mobile quarterback in NFL history, before Mike Vick recently made his comeback.

Who are the all-time oldest starting nfl quarterbacks?

George Blanda was the oldest starting quarterback.

What NFL quarterback is famous for fumbling the ball?

As of 2007 Warren Moon had the all time record for NFL fumbles. His career record was 161 fumbles at that time.

Who is the toughest quarterback?

any sports fan will only tell you the player from their favorite team. just look up stats or watch games there isent really a "toughest" quarterback out of them all and if there was you couldnt really find out unless you had them all fight each other

What NFL quarterback has beaten all but one team in the NFL?

Brett Farve

Where online can one find a place to view all interceptions thrown by an NFL quarterback?

You can check out all interceptions thrown by an NFL quarterback on espn. You have to check out the quarterback statistics and can look at all of the seasons the quarterback played. You can also compared various quarterbacks together.

Who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time?

The two most commonly named are John Unitas and Joe Montana.

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