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Christiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer but All-Time Zinedine Zadine holds the record for Highest Paid footballer.

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Q: Who is the topest highest paid football player in the world between Ronaldo and Messi?
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Highest paid player in football?


Who was the highest paid football player in 2008?

It was Ronaldo.

Who are the highest paid player in English football?

It is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who is the highest earning weekly football player?

Christiano Ronaldo(portugal)

Who is the highest weekly paid football player presently in the World?

Cristiano ronaldo

Who is the highest paid player at real Madrid football club?

At Real Madrid it is Christiano Ronaldo who gets the highest pay.

What football player has the highest wage?

Cristiano Ronaldo if u include sponsorships nd advertsing

Who is most payable football player in the world?

At the present moment Christiano Ronaldo is the most highest paid footballer in the world.

Who is cresteano ronaldo?

Cristianho Ronaldo is a Portuguese football player.

The richest football player?


Who is the highest paid football player in August 2009?

It was Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, who pay him a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds.

Who is the football player ever?

Cristiano ronaldo