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This record is shared by Raul and Fillipo Insaghi.

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Q: Who is the top score ever in champion league?
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Who is the top score of champion league 2013?

Burak Yilmaz at Galatasaray he is 8 joint with Messi?

Who was the top scorer in the last season's UEFA Champion's league?

Lionel Messi

How many English premier league teams qualify for uefa champions league?

The top four teams qualify for the U.E.F.A. champion league.

Who is the all time top scorer in UEFA Champion's league history?

Raúl Gonzalez with 71 goals.

What are the top club winning champion league?

Real Madrid have been the most successful club in the Champions league. They have won it a record 10 times.

Are Newcastle United better than Liverpool?

Liverpool are far better as they come in the top four on most years and have 18 E.P.L cups and 5 champion league. I do not think Newcastle have won a champion league as yet.

Who is the top try score ever in the 6 nations?

Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland)

Did any team ever drop from the English top league to the fourth league in consecutive years?


Was Relient K ever at the top of a chart?

Yes. For Five Score and Seven Years Ago they were on the top of the iTunes chart.

Can Liverpool win League?

No Liverpool can not win the Champion league this year as they have failed to qualify this year. Last year they came seventh in the E.P.L and top four only qualify.

How do you go onto the high scores on superbia?

you go to high score at the top of the screen in what ever game your playing then it show high score of the day high score of week high score of the month and high score of the year

Don bradmans top test score?

334 against England in the 3rd test played at Headingley in 1930. It was then the highest ever score in a test.

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