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In World Rankings for December 2010...

Woman - GAO Jun

Man - XIAO Han

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Q: Who is the top ranked U.S. table tennis player?
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Who is the top ranked tennis player?

Roger Federer

Who is the top ranked Tennis Player in 2009?

Rafael Nadal!

Who is currently ranked the top male tennis player on the ATP rankings?

Novak Djokovic is the top male tennis player on the ATP rankings.

Who is the second top ranked female tennis player of 2010?

Caroline Wozniacki.

Who is curently the top ranked tenis player in the world?

As of December 2010, Rafael Nadal is the number 1 ranked male tennis player. As of January 2011, Caroline Wozniacki is the number 1 ranked female tennis player.

When did Venus Williams become the top-ranked tennis player?

February 25, 2002

Who is the number two top ranked male tennis player in the world in 2010?

Novak Djokovic

Who is the top ranked Australian male tennis player?

Lleyton Hewitt (currently 34th in the world).

Who is the English tennis player?

England's tennis no.1 in both men and women is Alex Bogdanovic(Ranked 183) and Anne Keothavong (Ranked 61) But if Great Britain is Concerned Andy Murray(Ranked 4) along with Keothavong(Ranked 61) are the top ranked.

What is a table tennis conversion top?

A table tennis conversion top is an item used on pool tables. By setting up the table tennis conversion top, you can convert your pool table into a table for table tennis. Answer was found here:

Jelena Jankovic the top ranked women's tennis player was born where?

Jelena Jankovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia.

Who was the last british woman tennis player ranked in the top 100?

Sam Smith in 1998 Anne Keothavong in 2008

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