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I can't do the alphabet part. but The top scorer ever is Alan Sheerer!

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Q: Who is the top premiership scorer in history for each letter of the alphabet?
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WHo is the leading premiership goal scorer in in Manchester United history?

Alan Shearer

Who was the first black player to score in the premiership?

Brian Deane, scorer of the first goal in Premiership history, back in August 1992.

Who has scored the most premiership goals for everton?

Evertons, top scorer ever was dixie dean and there top scorer in the premiership was i think duncan Ferguson

Who was Arsenal's top premiership goal scorer for the 2008-2009 season?

Cesc Fàbregas was Arsenal's top premiership goal scorer for the 2008-2009 season

Who is the highest goal scorer in premiership?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who is the leading goal scorer this year in premiership soccer?

the brilliant christiano ronaldo. with twenty one goals.

Who was the highest goal scorer in the premiership last year?


Who is highest goals scorer in premiership in 2009?

Nicholas Anelka

Who was the leading scorer in the Premiership in 2006?

Robin van persie

Who was the top goal scorer in the first premiership?

Teddy Sheringham (spurs)

Who is 2009 premiership leading scorer?

Nicolas Anelka with 19 goals.

Who is the top all time Scottish Premiership League scorer?

Its Kris Boyd