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PELE. He has scored over 1000 goals for club and country

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Q: Who is the top goalscorer romario ronaldo or Pele?
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Who's the top goalscorer Romario Ronaldo or Pele?

ronaldo est meilleur que romario. Pele is the top scorer with 77 goals in 92 appearances for Brazil

Who is the top goal scorer romario ronaldo or Pele?

Pele had 1234 total goals and Romairo Ronaldo had 1000 total goals. So Pele had more goals because he was the worlds greatest in his time and today even though hes not playing.

Top 3 goal scorer in the world?

It is Pele followed by Romario.

Top ten football players ever?

The top ten footballers are Ronaldo Lima, Fillipo Inzaghi,, Romario, , Marco Van Basten, Pele, Zico, Eusibo, Maradona , Sir Bobby Charlton.

Who are the top ten all time soccer best players?

They are Pele, Romario,Rivaldo, Johan Cruiff,Zidane,Roberto Baggio, Ronaldo Lima.Alan Shearer Theirry Henry. Deigo Maradona.

Who is the top scorer in the Brazil team?

In world cup it is Ronaldo , in Brazilian soccer it is Pele.

Who is the top goalscorer in the champions league?

Harry Cursham, with 49 for Notts County (1877-1889). More modern: Ian Rush (44 for Liverpool, Chester and Newcastle, 1979-1998).

Who holds the record for most goals in the world cup?

The overall top goalscorer in World Cups is Brazil's Ronaldo, scorer of 15 goals in three tournaments.

Top English goalscorer in the champions league?

Paul Scholes is currently the top English goalscorer in the Champions League.

Who are the top ten soccer players ever?

Pele, maradona, Leo messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, stefano, bobby charlton, Xavi, buffon, David beckham ( Back in his prime)

Who are the top 5 goal scorers of all time in all association football leagues?

The top goal scorer in the world is none other then Pele, who has scored a total of over a 1000, thousand goals. The other player is Romario also from Brazil who has scored a thousand goals. But here F.I.F.A the football governing body does not agree with all of Romario s goals.

Top goal scorer in the world?

Ali Daei is a retired Iranian football player who currently is head coach of the Iran national football team.He is a former captain of the Iran national football team, and is the world's all-time leading goalscorer in international matches. Daei as of June 2007 is also a member of the FIFA Football Committee.