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usually Rooney!!

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Q: Who is the top goal scorer of all time in the premier league?
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Who is the Premier League all time leading goal-scorer?

Alan Shearer (260)

Who is the all time top premier league midfielder scorer?


Who is the highest premier league scorer of all time?

Alan Shearer

Who is the all time leading scorer in the British Premier League?

Alan shearer

Who is the scottis premier leagues all time leading goal scorer?

kris boyd

Which player has scored most Premier league goals?

The Barclays Premier League's All-Time top scorer is Alan Shearer, with 260 goals.

Who is the all time leading scorer of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League?

Patrice Lefebvre is the leading point getter But Guy Lafleur is the leading goal scorer.

Who is Ajax Amsterdam all time goal scorer?

the all time goal scorer is Piet van Reenen he scored 273 goals

Who is premier league's all time goal scorer?

Alan Shearer with 260 goals. Then it's Andrew Cole with 187, Thierry Henry with 174, Robbie Fowler with 163 and completing the top five is Les Ferdinand with 149.

Who scored the last goal in the English premier league 2011-2012 season?

The last goal in the English Premier league for the 2011-12 season was by Manchester City Striker Sergio Aguero againt Queens Park Rangers. It was scored in extra time to win the Premier League title for Man City.

Who is the Premier League top scorer in a season?

2 players have scored 34 goals in a premier league season: Andy Cole in 93-94 and Alan Shearer in 94-95. The premier league was made up of 22 teams at that time, meaning teams had 4 extra games. This changed to 20 from the 95-96 season, due to UEFA policy. The highest scorer in a 38-game premier league season is also Alan Shearer, with 31 goals 95-96.

Who is arsenals current top goal scorer?

The current top goal scorer is Andrey Arshavin with 5 goals, but Arsenal leading all time top goal scorer is Thierry Henry with 224 goals.

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