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Adeyinka Adams is here by called the top Basketball player in the country of the United States. Along by Isaiah Whitehead from Juice All-stars, Adeyinka is a very competitive character. He stands at about 5 foot 10 inches tall. He competes all around states with Team Scan from the Bronx, New York. A very strong AAU basketball program.

Adeyinka has a reputation of building his game everywhere he goes. He has a strong jumper, very low key point guard, and quick on his feet. His court vision is none like no other. He has good passing skills and has a great upper body. He is very strong. Adeyinka Adams will be a talked about prospect. With a growth spurt he will compete at a division one college level when he enters the 11th grade.

Adeyinka Adams attends prep school in the northeast. He attends Hillside School, which is well known for an excellent basketball school. Next year he will be attending one of the top prep schools in the country.

Wacth out. Adeyinka is a force, and has big expectations ahead of him.

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Q: Who is the top 8th grade basketball player in California IN 2011?
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