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Q: Who is the team doctor for the Seattle Supersonics?
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What is the seattle supersonics team doctor's email address?


Is there a seattle super sonic basketball team?

The Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City, and became the Thunder. The new team name and location of the Supersonics were announced September 3rd, 2008.

Why did the Seattle Supersonics move to Oaklahoma City?

The owner of the Seattle Supersonics sold the team to a guy from Oklahoma. The new owner wanted a new stadium and the city of Seattle wouldn't do it, so he moved them to Oklahoma City.

When was Seattle SuperSonics created?

Seattle SuperSonics was created in 1967.

When did Seattle SuperSonics end?

Seattle SuperSonics ended in 2008.

What team plays in the National Basketball Associations in Washington?

Seattle Supersonics

What NBA team is located near a Boeing factory?

Seattle Supersonics

Scottie Pippen was traded to the Bulls from which team?

From the Seattle Supersonics in the draft of 1987

What relocating NBA team announced in 2008 that it was going to be called the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Seattle SuperSonics

What team did bill russell coach?

Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Seattle Supersonics

What NBA team was once owned by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz?

Seattle Supersonics

In the 1997-98 NBA season Gary Payton suited up for which team?

Seattle SuperSonics

What pro sports team is in oaklahoma?

The Oklahoma City Thunder. Formerly known as The Seattle Supersonics

When were the Sonics last located in Seattle?

The Seattle SuperSonics (also know as the Sonics) were a basketball team. They were located in Seattle until 2008. They have now moved to Oklahoma and have a new team name of Oklahoma City Thunder.

Who is the NBA newest team?

The Oklahama City Thunder have recently relocated from Seattle (formerly the Seattle Supersonics), but the newest franchise in the NBA is the Charlotte Bobcats.

What is Seattle Washington's pro basketball team?

they used to have the supersonics, but they moved to Oklahoma City and became the thunder

Why the Seattle supersonics is not in the NBA no more?

Because at the time the team wasn't running well so they closed.

What is the word obtained after unscrambling the word atuScliSSotneepesr?

The anagram is two words: Seattle SuperSonics (NBA team).

Where do the Seattle Supersonics play?

KeyArena at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington.

How do you write letters to Kevin Durant?

You could try write the Seattle Supersonics team at the Key Arena, 1st Avenue North and Hamson, Seattle, WA 98109

What sports team was formed in 1966 as a tribute to Boeing being awarded the contract to build the Boeing 2707?

The Seattle SuperSonics.

Which basketball team won the 1978-79 NBA finals?

The Seattle SuperSonics won the 1978-1979 NBA finals.

How many games have the Seattle Supersonics won and lost?

You mean the Oklahoma City Thunder? (after the '07-'08 season, the team relocated) As the Seattle Supersonics, the team went 22-60 during their final season. Their first year as the Oklahoma City Thunder resulted in a 23 win- 59 loss record.

What is the newest NBA team?

The newest team in the NBA is the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were the Seattle Supersonics but went to Oklahoma and changed their name. They started in 2008 I believe as a new team.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Late Ninties Seattle Supersonics - 2014?

The cast of The Late Ninties Seattle Supersonics - 2014 includes: Jeff Tendall as Travis