Who is the team doctor for the Detriot Lions?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Dr. Kyle Anderson.

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Q: Who is the team doctor for the Detriot Lions?
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What football team was 0-16?

The Detriot Lions in 2009

What is Detriot's baseball team name?

The Detroit Tigers.

Who is the worst NFL team in the past ten years?

2008 Detriot Lions 0-16

Do you like the Detriot Lions?

no <P>Sure. I can always count on a win for my team when we play them.</P>

What is the worst team in the NFL of all time?

the detriot lions the went one year 0-16

In what city do the lions play in?

the lions play in Detriot MI.

Do the Washington Redskins play the Detriot Lions in 2010?

Yes. October 31st in Detriot

Do the Detriot Lions play inside?


What is the most winning sport team in detriot?

The most winning sport team in detriot is the DETRIOT RED WING'S, they are a hockey team in the National Hockey League.

Are the Detroit Lions good?

First of all, this is based on if you like the Lions. Although, it does also depend on the players' skills and the coaches. It's hard to say if they are good or not. Truthfully, it all depends on where you are from and what city, too. Overall though, the Detriot Lions are a decent team.

Who is the team doctor for the Detriot Pistons?

Robert Teitge,M.D.:Kerlan-Jobe Sports Medicine Fellowship Program; Detroit Pistons and Detroit Shock Team Physician

Do Michael Jordon still play basketball?

Yes-plays for the detriot lions