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Philipp Lahm is the current captain for Bayern Munich.

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Q: Who is the team captain of Bayern Munich in 2012?
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What is the name of Bayern Munich team captain in football?

The captain is Van Bommel.

When was Bayern Munich Junior Team created?

Bayern Munich Junior Team was created in 1902.

Who is Germany's soccer team captain?

The current German football captain is Philipp Lahm, who plays his club football for Bayern Munich.

What country is Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is the name of a German soccer team. Bayern is a region in Germany and Munich is the city that is its capital. In English Bayern is more commonly known as Bavaria. It is in the southeast of Germany.

What does bayern in bayern Munich stand for?

Bayern is the German word for Bavaria. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. The full name of the team is "FC Bayern München". München is German for Munich.

Which country's team is Bayern Munich?


What team does podolski play on?

Bayern Munich

Who is the captian of the German football team?

The current captain for the German National Football Team is Philipp Lahm who also captains his club team, FC Bayern Munich.

What are the names of the German soccer team?

Bayern Munich

Name of a German football team?

FC Bayern Munich

What team does klose from Germany play in?

He plays for Bayern Munich

What team did Thomas Müller play for in 2005?

Bayern Munich Youth team.