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Manute Bol ('85-'95) and Gheorge Muresan ('93-'00) were both listed by the National Basketball Association as 7'7".

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Q: Who is the tallest player ever in NBA history?
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Who was the tallest NBA player ever?

Yao Ming

Who is the 2nd tallest NBA player?

Zydrunas Ilgauskas is the second tallest right now and Yao Ming is the second tallest NBA player ever.

Who is the NBA player who paid 80 cows for his wife and is the tallest ever in the NBA?

The NBA player who paid for 80 cows for his wife and is the tallest ever in the NBA is Manute Bol. Bol is a native of Sudan.

Who is the tallest basketball player NBA?

manute bol is the tallest one ever, but currently the tallest nba player is regan crocker at 9'9!! Actually it was Gheorghe Muresan who was the tallest player ever, at 7'7", and regan crocker isn't an NBA player, and the tallest man ever was 8'11", so he can't be 9'9". Unfortunately, Manute Bol died at 7'6".

Who is the tallest basketball player in the NBA?

The tallest basketball player currently playing in the NBA is Hasheem Thabeet and he is 7 ft 3 inches tall. The tallest ever player was Gheorghe Muresan who stood at 7 ft 7 inches.

Who was the tallest basketball player in the history of basketball?

Yao Ming is the tallest current NBA player at 7 foot 6 and in all time NBA history is Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan both at 7 foot 7.

Who is the tallest white basketball player?

Georghe dumitru Muresan is the tallest white player in NBA history. The Romanian is 7 feet and 7 inches tall.

Why is Michael Jordan the most decorated player in the NBA?

because he is the tallest basket ball player in the history of basket ball

Who is the tallest NBA player of all times?

The tallest player i think is Yao Ming

Who was the best player in NBA history?

Micheal Jordan Is the Best Player i ever Seen

Who are the two tallest players in NBA history?

The two tallest players in the history of the NBA were Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol. They were both listed at 7'7 (feet).

Who is the tallest player ever to play in the NBA?

Gheorge Muresan, at 7'7"Manute Bol as 7'6" but had a wingspan of 8'6"!The tallest current NBA player is Yao Ming at 7'6". men are the answer to this list. Manute Bol and Gheorge Murasean. Both men are 7'7".

Who is the tallest African American in NBA?

Previous tallest african-american basketball player in the nba was Ralph Sampson who was 7'4

Who is the tallest nba player in 2012?

Dwight Howard

Who is tallest NBA player 2009?

Yao Ming

Current tallest nba player?

Hasheem Thabeet

What country did the tallest player in the NBA come from?


Which is the tallest NBA player?

i think it is manute bol

Who is currentley the tallest NBA player?

dirk nowitzki

Who is the tallest NBA player in 2013?

Hasheem Thabeet

Who's the tallest player in the NBA?

Dwight Howard

Is yao ming the tallest person on earth?

He is only the tallest player the NBA (currently).

Biggest player in NBA history?

Manute Bol is the biggest player in NBA history.

Who scored the first point ever in NBA history?

Ossie Schectman was the player that is credited with sinking the first points in NBA history. He played one season in the NBA, 1946-1947.

Who is the tallest to have ever played for NBA?

Manute Bol who was 7-7