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David Perron And he is forward

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Q: Who is the tallest St. Louis blues hockey player on this years team and how tall is he and what position does he play?
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Who is the tallest player ever to play for the St. Louis Blues?

Tallest player to ever suit up for the St Louis Blues just so happens to have been one Mr Alexander Lyons of Fort McMurray, Alberta. He stood at a staggering 6'10''.

Who is the smallest NHL hockey player in 2012?

im pretty sure its martin st. louis

When was Louis Robitaille - ice hockey - born?

Louis Robitaille - ice hockey - was born on 1982-03-16.

Who was the first female hockey player?

The first female hockey player to play in a NHL game was Manon Rhéaume. She played for the Tampa Bay Lightning in pre-season games against the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins.

What is the tallest arch in the US?

The Gateway Arch in St Louis

Who is the second shortest hockey nhl player?

Martin St. Louis on the Tampa bay lightning players stands at 5"9

How many hockey teams have there been in St. Louis?

There have been 2. (The St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Eagles)

Who is player 9 on the Saint Louis Blues hockey team?

Paul Kariya has worn #9 with the Blues since signing with the team in the summer of 2007.

What has the author Louis-A Santerre written?

Louis-A Santerre has written: 'Les Nordiques--plus!' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Hockey players, Quebec Nordiques (Hockey team)

What is the tallest man made monument in the us?

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis

For which ice hockey team did Paul Kariya play?

Paul Kariya is a former Canadian ice hockey player who played for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. He also played for the Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues.

Where and whick one is the world's oldest hockey stick?

the worlds oldest hockey stick would be the Louis ville or northlands

Which national monument is the tallest in the National Park System?

St Louis Gateway Arch

Who is taller in one direction 2013?

Harry is the tallest, then Liam, then Zayn, then Niall, and then Louis.

What is the oldest hockey franchise not to win the Stanley cup?

The St. Louis Blues

Who is the tallest goalie?

Ben Bishop... He played college hockey at Maine, and is now in the minor with the St. Louis Blue... he is 6 foot 7... which is enormous for a goalie... when he is down in his butterfly, his shoulders are parallel with the cross bar, he could literally play the game on his knees

Which city in US has the tallest man made monument?

Gateway Arch, St Louis, Mo.

Tallest man-made monument in us?

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is the tallest man-made monument in the United States. It is 630 feet high.

What position does Louis Leblanc play?

Louis Leblanc plays center for the Anaheim Ducks.

What position does Louis Vasquez play?

Louis Vasquez plays Guard for the Denver Broncos.

What position does Lance Louis play?

Lance Louis plays Guard for the Indianapolis Colts.

Where is the home of the St. Louis Blues hockey team?

The Scottrade Center - 1401 Clark Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63103.

What hockey team played in Saint Louis before the blues?

St. Louis Flyers were the original AHL team but the St. Louis Eagles were the first NHL team

What position does Louis delmas play?

Free safety

Who was the first nhl player to score a penalty shot?

Ralph Bowman was the first player in the National Hockey League to score a goal by taking a penalty shot. This took place in 1934 while he was a member of the Eagles in St. Louis.