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Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace, both 6'11", are the tallest players on the Boston Celtics

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Q: Who is the tallest Boston Celtics player?
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Who is the tallest Boston Celtic player in History?

Shaquille. O'Neal is 7'1, but Artis Gilmore (played with the Celtics in 1988) was 7'2.

Who is the worst player on the Boston Celtics?

There no worst player in Boston Celtics. They're all good. But sometimes, some of the bench players are not chosen to play.

Who is the tallest player ever to play for the Boston Celtics?

I know it sounds crazy after all the years they've played and you'd think there would be a taller player in the history of the Celtics... but I think Shaq takes it at 7' 1". Next after that would be a few of their centers at 7' 0".

Which opposing player is most hated by Boston Celtics fans?

scalabrine is by far the most hated player on the celtics.

What player played for the Boston Celtics and Boston Braves and Boston Bruins?

Bill Russell

Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?

the boston celtics have always been called the boston celtics.

Who is the shortest Boston celtics player?

Nate Robinson

What black coaches have won a NBA championship?

Doc Rivers (Boston Celtics), Bill Russell (player/coach, Boston Celtics), Lenny Wilkins (Seattle Supersonics), K.C. Jones (Boston Celtics), Al Attles (Golden State Warriors).

What Player has been on the Boston Celtics the longests?

paul pierce

Who was the Boston Celtics player is known as the chief?

Robert parish

Who is rajonn rondo?

he is a professional nba player for the Boston celtics

Who is the highest paid player on the Boston celtics?

kevin garnett

Who is the current tallest Celtics player?

The recently added Mikki Moore, formerly of the Sacramento Kings, is the tallest Celtic, standing at 7 feet tall.

What state is Boston Celtics from?

The Boston Celtics are from Massachusetts.

What NBA player wore 33?

Larry Bird, for the Boston Celtics

Why are the Boston Celtics named the celtics?

Boston is an Irish city so the celtics are an Irish team

Who owns the Boston Celtics now?

Danny Ange,an old basketball player who played for the celtics

Most points by a Boston Celtic player?

John Havlicek is the All-Time leading scorer for the Boston Celtics

What team came first Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins?


Why are the Boston Celtics called the Celtics?

It is likely that they were named the Celtics because of Boston's large Irish-American population.

Is the Boston Celtics a city or a state?

Boston Celtics is the name of a professonal Basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts.

What basketball team's colors are green and white?

The Boston Celtics

What is the conference that the Boston Celtics play in?

The Boston Celtics play in the Eastern Conference.

Where do the Boston Celtics play at?

The Celtics play at the TD Garden in Boston, MA

Was peter maravich not a part of the Boston Celtics?

He was a part of the 1980 boston celtics