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The winner of the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games in 2008 was Ma Lin of China.

The World Championships for singles events are only held in odd-numbered years.

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Q: Who is the table tennis champion in year 2008?
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Who is the table tennis champion in year 2007?

The World Champion in 2007 was Wang Liqin of China.

Who is the table tennis champion for year 2001?

The World Champion of 2001 was Wang Liqin of China.

What sport had a 100 year old Australian world champion in 2010?

Dorothy (Dot) De Low, is a World Veteran Table Tennis Champion. She competed in the 2010 World Veteran Table Tennis Championships in China at the age of 100.

When did table tennis go to 11?

year 2000

Who is the winner of tennis championship 2008?

There were a few tournaments throughout the year of 2008 in tennis so there isn't really a valid champion for the year. But, here are some tournament champions throughout that year: U.S. Open - Roger Federer Wimbledon - Rafael Nadal French Open - Rafael Nadal Australian Open - Novak Djokavic

What year was table tennis invented?

it was invented in india at 1880

What are the playing seasons for table tennis?

Professional table tennis is a year round sport, but in the northern hemisphere it is generally from September through May.

What year was table tennis first held in the commonwealth games?

The first Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships were in Singapore in 1971, but the first time that table tennis was included in the Commonwealth Games was in 2002 in Manchester, England.

What year did table tennis start in the Olympics?

1988 in Seoul, South Korea.

Which team was the World Cup T20 champion in 2008?

the world cup was not held in the year 2008

In which year Vishwanathan Anand became undisputed World chess champion?

Anand became World Champion in 2008.

What year Zhang Jike first play in the Olympics?

2012 Games in London ... he won gold medals in men's singles table tennis and men's team table tennis.

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