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Carolina Brandão, a Brazilian (omg) model.

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Q: Who is the stunning redhead in the Crest White Strips commercial?
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Who sings in the new crest white strips commercial?

Your mom!

Who is brunette in crest 3d 2 hour whites strips extreme commercial?

Not Carolina Brandao, who is in a series of Crest Whitestrip commercials, but another brunette. In this newer commercial she gets a call inviting her to some gala on short notice, so she has to quickly whiten her already white teeth. Who is she? She's stunning. it's natalia cigliuti

Who sings 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' in the Crest White Strips commercial?

It sounds like Ben Taylor.

Who is the model in the Christmas the Crest White strips commercial?

it looks suspiciously like Daisy Marie, an adult film actress. well I'm sorry to say that not the answer because crest wouldn't have adult film actress in there commercials it just wouldn't happen

Who is the actress in the crest commercial?

Her name is Keisha Lall. If you look in the commercial when the security guards are looking at her passport, her name is printed on the passport. She is an Indian model/actress from London. As you can see, she is stunning. Here is a link to more about her:

Who is the voice of crest white strips?

Sela Ward

Which is a better buy crest white strips or rembrandt 2hr whitening kit?

I would suggest the crest white strips. Although the rembrandt whitens in 2 hrs its not THAT big of a difference especially for how painful it is. I have used both and though the crest strips take longer they whiten better

What do crest white strips usually cost?

$20.00, average.

What happens if you fall asleep with crest white strips on?

you die

Who invented Crest 3D white strips?

Paul saigul

Where can one get a Crest White Strips coupon?

There are actually a couple of legitimate options to getting a Crest White Strips coupon on the web. These include both the Proctor & Gamble site, as well as 3D White.

What are the ingredients in the Crest Whitening Strips?

Crest Whitening Strips are used as a popular alternative for whitening teeth. The ingredients include: Water, Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbon 956, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Saccharine.