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Q: Who is the stunning redhead in the Crest White Strips commercial?
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Who sings in the new crest white strips commercial?

Your mom!

Who is brunette in crest 3d 2 hour whites strips extreme commercial?

Not Carolina Brandao, who is in a series of Crest Whitestrip commercials, but another brunette. In this newer commercial she gets a call inviting her to some gala on short notice, so she has to quickly whiten her already white teeth. Who is she? She's stunning. it's natalia cigliuti

Who sings 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' in the Crest White Strips commercial?

It sounds like Ben Taylor.

Why do your teeth hurt after crest white strips?

because crest white strips suck and just brush your teeth stupid

Do you brush your teeth after you use crest white strips?

It is actually recommended that you brush your teeth after using Crest white strips. This will remove any film left on your teeth from the strips.

Can you eat with crest 3D white strips?


Who is the voice of crest white strips?

Sela Ward

Can I safely use Crest Whitening Strips every day?

Crest Whitening Strips are not for everyone. Your teeth can become overly sensitive by using them.

Are crest whitening strips the best on the market?

"Crest whitening strips are recommended by the ADA or the american dental association so yes, I would recommend using them, as well. I think Crest is a good brand too."

How good does the crest white strips work?

There are different opinions on how well the Crest White Strips work. These strips will work for some people in whitening up their teeth, while for others it may not work as well. According to customer reviews, the Crest White Strips have a positive reviews of working very well on whitening teeth.

Which is a better buy crest white strips or rembrandt 2hr whitening kit?

I would suggest the crest white strips. Although the rembrandt whitens in 2 hrs its not THAT big of a difference especially for how painful it is. I have used both and though the crest strips take longer they whiten better

Why cant children use crest white strips?

White strips are bleach, the use is not needed in children.

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