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Darren Sproles of the San Diego Chargers.

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Q: Who is the smallest running back in the NFL?
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Who is the smallest running back in the nfl in 2012?

Darren Sproles is the smallest in 2012

Smallest NFL running back?

The smallest running back in NFL history was Butch Meeker. He played two games in the NFL and score two touchdowns. He was five foot three inches tall.

Smallest running back in nfl history?

"Mini" Mack Heron Boston Patriots

How many pounds you have to weigh to be in the NFL?

332 =============== There is no set minimum but the smallest player in the NFL , a kicker, weighs 155 pounds . I think the smallest running back weighs 185.

What is the average weight of an NFL running back?

average weight of an nfl running back is about 215 pounds

Who is Best running back in the NFL?

Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL right now!

What is average weight for NFL running back?

The average weight of an NFL running back is 215 pounds. The smallest back in the league is Darren Sproles at 5 feet 6 inches and 185 pounds. The largest running back in the league is the New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. Brandon Jacobs is 6 feet 4 inches and 264 pounds.

What is an NFL running back career lifespan?

how long is a running back career

Who is the smallest defensive back in the NFL?


What is the average running speed of a NFL running back?


Who was the best running back?

Barry Sanders was the best running back known to the NFL.

Strongest NFL rb?

the strongest running back in the nfl is running back Steve slaton he was known for excellent speed and tremendous strenght in his career for Virginia and carries it out through the nfl he will be a top 5 back in the nfl.

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