Who is the slowest NFL receiver?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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original answer: Torry Holt

this is incorrect... holt's time is 4.38, which is pretty fast for a receiver. I dont know the answer, but Anquan Boldin is one of the most notable slow receivers with a 4.71 time in the 40 yard dash.

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Q: Who is the slowest NFL receiver?
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Who is the slowest wide receiver in the NFL?

The best wide receiver in the nfl is Andre Johnson.

Who is the slowest receiver in the NFL?

Josh Hall an offensive linemen with the time of 6.21

Slowest NFL player in history?

That statistic is not kept by the NFL.

Slowest NFL player?

According to stats, two of the slowest NFL players in history were Leonard Davis and Aaron Gibson. They were slow because of their hefty weights.

Which receiver has the most career touchdowns in NFL history?

NFL Receiver with Most Career TouchdownsJerry Rice, 200

Does NFL receiver willie Anderson have a nickname?

Former NFL receiver Willie Anderson, who holds the NFL record for most receiving yards in a single game, went by the nickname of 'Flipper'.

What is the difference between a wideout and wide receiver in the NFL?

wideout is slang for wide receiver

Who is the best receiver in the NFL?

Reggie Wayne

Who is the best NFL receiver?

Steve smith.

Who is the best wide receiver in NFL?

Best Wide Receiver in the NFL updated.Wide Receivers that are considered to be the top echelon in the NFL today are: Brandon MarshallDeSean JacksonLarry FitzgeraldReggie WayneAndre JohnsonRandy Moss

What is a slot receiver in the NFL?

A receiver in between the offensive line and the farthest away receiver from the line.

What is a pro NFL wide receiver's income?