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The shortest person to dunk on a ten foot rim is not Anthony Spud Webb, it's Mugsy Bogues. Webb was the shortest person to win the NFL dunk contest.

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Q: Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim?
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Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball?

google says Spud Webb but idontk

How short was the shortest person to ever dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal?

The shortest person to ever dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal was 5 feet 1 inches tall boy. Several people have dunk a goal at this height.

Who was the first person ever to dunk it in basketball?

I dont know what im writing i just feel like it cuz im bore so in ur face and georgeaan wells was the first person to dunk in NBA womens basketball

Who is the shortest ever basketball player?

In the nba the shortest player ever is mugssy bogues (5'3)

Who was the first lady to ever dunk a basketball in a game?

Gullible Jones

Who was the shortest Pro basketball Player?

Tyronne "Mugsy" Bogues was the shortest basketball player ever as approximately 5'3".

How do you dunk at 5'3?

It is nearly impossible to dunk at 5 foot 3. Professionals in the NBA that are under 6'0" can barely do it. Spud Web is one of the shortest, if not the shortest, player to ever dunk, and he was 5'6". While not impossible, it is nearly impossible, and your vertical leap will need to be tremendous to do so.

Who is the shortest basketball player ever?

In the NBA it was Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues at 5'3".

Who is the shortest basketball player for NBA?

The shortest player ever in the NBA was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues who stands at 5'3 but the person that's in the NBA now would be Earl Boykins who stands at 5'5.

Who was the second female to slam dunk a basketball ever?

If you count street games, etc. no one really knows who the first or second women to ever dunk a basketball were. However, in March of 2012 Baylor's Brittney Griner became the second female to dunk in an NCAA game. The first was Candice Parker from Tennessee back in 2006.

Shortest Mexican person ever?

Juan Armenta

Who was the shortest person to ever run a marathon?

my johnson

Who is the first person to ever slam dunk on the goalpost in football?

lester hayes

Who is the shortest nba basketball player?

At the moment it is Earl Boykins, he stands at 5'5. The shortest ever was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues, he stands at 5'3.

Who is the shortest player ever to play basketball for the Toronto Raptors?

Muggsy Bogues. (5"3, also the shortest NBA player in history)

Who is the shortest player ever to play basketball for Wake Forest?

Muggsy Bogues at 5ft 3in.

Did anyone ever slam dunk a basketball from half court?

No. That is nearly impossible unless you use a cord or something to lift you.

Who is the shortest person ever to play in the NBA?

Muggsy Bogues

Who was the shortest professional basketball player?

At 5 foot 3 inches tall, Tyrone (Muggsy) Bogues was the shortest player ever to play in the NBA.

Who was the shortest person to ever play football?

2 feet tall

You are the three shortest professional basketball players ever?

JJ Barea Nate Robinson Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues

When was the dunk reinstated?

The dunk was banned from 1967 to 1976 in college basketball, according to I'm not sure it was ever banned in pro basketball, except that the players used to just lay it up rather than dunking in fear of retribution (in the form of hard fouls), if I remember correctly.

Are you too short to play basketball?

No one is ever too short to play basketball. Some of the shortest players were Muggsy Bogues who was 5'3" and played in the NBA for 14 seasons. Spudd Webb was 5'7" and played for 12 seasons. He also won the Slam Dunk title over his 6'8" teammate, Dominique Wilkins. Currently Nate Robinson is the shortest player in the NBA at 5'9". He has won three Slam Dunk titles including an astounding victory over the 6'11" center Dwight Howard. So to answer your question, no your never too short to play basketball, you may have to work harder, but your never too short.

Are the rules in mens basketball the same as women's basketball?

it depends if you ever see a girl do a 720 behind the back through the legs dunk, then yes. but until then stop asking stupid questions.

Did Mugsy Bogues ever dunk?