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Earl Boykins. He is 5'5"

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Q: Who is the shortest active players in the nba?
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Shortest active NBA player?

The shortest active NBA player is Earl Boykins at 5'5.

Who are the shortest players in the NBA?

You, your mama and your sister.

Who are the NBA's shortest players?

The shortest player in the NBA is Earyle Boykins and the second shortest is Nate Robinson. Now retire is Mugsey Bogus was the shortest NBA Player. He was 5'3".

How many active Kentucky players are in the NBA?


What college has most active NBA players?

your mothers

How many active players on an nba roster?


Active NBA players form unc?

Michael Jordan is about as active as they come

Most active players in the NBA by colleges?

Wilson Jerusalem

What active NBA players went to Michigan?

jamal craford

Who is the shortest and tallest NBA players right now?

tallest right now is YAO MING and the shortest is EARL BOYKINS

Who is the shortest player?

Currently the shortest player in the NBA is Earl Boykins who is 5'5, he is on the Milwaukee Bucks. The shortest players ever was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues, he is 5'3.

Who was the shortest player on the 2005-2006 Denver Nuggets?

Earl Boykins is one of the shortest players in NBA history standing at 5'5".

Who has the most rings among nba active players?

Kobe Bryant!

How many active duke players are in the nba?


How many players are NBA teams allowed to have on their roster?

Twelve active players are allowed to be on an NBA roster during each individual game.

How many players are on a NBA ream?

An NBA team is only permitted to have a maximum of 15 players (with 12 active and the rest surving as injury reserves).

What university has the Most active NBA players?

UCLA has 14 active players

Who is the shortest player in the NBA?

Shortest player in the NBA was Tyrone Bogues 5'3"

Who are the active NBA players that have played in a 1000 games?

Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant

Who are the top 5 oldest active players in the nba?

The 3rd oldest active player is P.J. Brown of the Boston Celtics.

Which active NBA players have the most career games played with one team?

John Havliceck

Shortest NBA player ever?

The shortest NBA player ever isTyrone "Muggsy" Bogues - 5'3"

What active NBA players have the most championship rings?

Derek Fisher & Kobe Bryant, both with 5

Who are the active NBA players that have won the most championship rings?

Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher with 5

How did Spud Webb become famous?

Spud Webb became famous for being the shortest NBA player to win a slam dunk contest. He was one of the shortest players in NBA history. He was recorded as being 5 feet 7 inches tall.