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Michael Schumacher is seven-time Formula One world drivers' champion.

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Michael Schumacher

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Q: Who is the seven time formula champion?
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He is a former formula one racer and seven time world champion?

Michael Schumacher is a former formula one racer and seven time world champion.

Who is the 2007 Formula 1 Champion?

Kimi Raikkonen was the 2007 Formula One world champion.

How Many tittles has undertaker won?

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Which finnish racing driver is a two time formula one world champion of finaland?

Mika Hakkinen

Michael Schumacher is a name associated with which sport?

Formula One. He is a 7 time drivers world champion

Who was formula one world champion 2014?

2014 Formula One World Drivers' Champion, Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

Who was the first formula one champion from nz?

The first and only Formula One World Champion for New Zealand was Denny Hulme. This was in 1967.

Who was last World champion in formula 1?

Sebastian Vettel (GER) - champion in 2010 and 2011.

Who was the Formula One World Champion in 1950?

Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina won the inaugural Formula One World Championship in 1950 driving for the Alfa Romeo chassis, he won with 30 points, three clear of five-time World Champion, Juan Manuel Fangio.

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Who is the 2012 formula one champion?

Sebastian Vettel