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Q: Who is the servant that gives a false report to Cassius?
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What letter does Lucius bring to Brutus?

He gives him one of Caius Cassius's letters

What might have influenced Cassius to accept pindarus report?

Cassius has had a complete character shift since the beginning of the play. Previously, he was bold, defiant of the gods and omens, and confident he knew what was right for Rome. In Act Four, the reader can see that Cassius's boldness and bravery are wavering. He resorts to tactics like guilt and pity to make Brutus feel sorry for him when they are fighting He is no longer convincing Brutus to follow him, but begging Brutus to like him and allow him to be his equal. Cassius also doesn't agree with Brutus' plan to march to Philippi. Cassius would rather wait for the opposing army to meet them in Sardis. Again, Cassius is overruled by Brutus. In the beginning of Act Five, Cassius is anxious and nervous regarding the battle. He has seen scavenger birds (like vultures) replace eagles, and he takes this as a bad omen. He and Brutus also say goodbye, in case they never meet again. Cassius is in utter defeat when he receives Pindarus's report. Men have deserted him and even his flag bearer was killed. In such a negative state of mind, it only makes sense that Cassius takes Pindarus' report as truth. It also gives Cassius a reason to give up (commit suicide) without looking cowardly. Since he feels the entire battle is lost, he would rather kill himself than be taken as a slave by Antony and Octavius.

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