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Q: Who is the second Asian country to host FIFA WC football?
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What is the first Asian country to qualify for football world cup and when?

Indonesia, under the name Dutch East Indies, was the first Asian team to participate in the fifa world cup when they qualified to the 1938 tournament.

Is Lebanon in soccer?

Lebanon's national soccer team is in soccer. They are member of the Asian Football Confederation and a member of FIFA. The country hosted the Asian Cup in the year 2000. There's also a 12 team Premier league.

Which country won football FIFA worldcup 2010?


How many Asian countries have won the FIFA World Cup?

No Asian country has won the world cup so far.

Which country was banned by fifa for 2018 world cup football?


Is there any country won world cup from Asia?

Asian Country has never won the fifa world cup.

Which Asian team will be out of the next FIFA Football world cup for the first time after a gap of 20 years?


Which AFC country has appeared in the most Fifa world cups Asia?

If it is Asian country at the world cup , then it is South Korea.

When did FIFA Football happen?

FIFA Football happened in 2012.

Which country won football world cup in 2006?

Italy won the fifa football worldcup 2006 germany!!

How many teams from the Asian Football Confederation participated in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

4 teams from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup:Australia (transferred from the Oceanic Football Confederation (OFC) in 2006.)JapanKorea DPR (North Korea/Democratic People's Republic of Korea)Korea Republic (South Korea)

Where can you download full version of FIFA Football?

One can download full versions of FIFA Football from Torrent websites on the Internet. Depending on the country, this may however constitute software piracy.

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